And that’s a wrap. Wow! What a fantastic competition season Acacia Calisthenics & Cheer has had at the Calisthenics Association of SA State Championships. With every team placing, we could not have asked anymore from our very talented students.


Seniors: 2nd March, 2nd Aesthetic, 4th Rods, 4th Dance

Intermediates: 2nd Overall: 2nd March, 2nd Aesthetic, 3rd Exercises, 2nd Rods 4th Dance

Junior 1: 3rd Overall: 2nd Exercises, 2nd Rods, 2nd Aesthetic, 3rd Clubs, 3rd Dance, 4th March

Junior 2: 3rd Overall: 1st Rods, 3rd March, 3rd Clubs, 3rd Dance, 4th Aesthetic

Sub-junior 1: 2nd Overall: 3rd March, 3rd Exercises, 4th Rods, 2nd Clubs, 4th Dance

Sub-junior 2: 4th Rods

Tinies: 3rd Exercises, 4th Dance