Nationals Workshops

The Australian Calisthenics Federation Nationals Workshops to select South Australians for the 2016 ACF 28th National Championships are scheduled to take place 28th and 29th November.  National Workshops will be held at Henley Beach High School with final times to be confirmed at a later date.  Acacia Calisthenics Club encourages all our student to attend the workshops as it is a great opportunity to develop new skills and make new friends.

2016 Calisthenics Nationals in Adelaide!

The ACF 28th National Calisthenics Championships will be held in Adelaide from 5th to 12th July,2016.

Competitions Items

Sub Juniors: March, Free Exercise, Clubs, Aesthetic, Calisthenic Revue
Juniors: March, Free Exercises, Clubs, Rods, Aesthetics, Character/Folk
Intermediates: March, Free Exercises, Clubs, Rods, Rhythmical Aesthetic, Song and Dance
Seniors: March, Free Exercises, Clubs, Aesthetic, Dance Rods, Calisthenic Revue