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How old do I have to be to do Calisthenics?

Calisthenics is for anyone age 2 years to 99 years and we have teams to cater for all ages: Calisthenics Groups by Age Tinies: 5.5 to 7 years, Sub-Juniors: 7-10 years, Juniors: 11-13 years, Intermediates: 14-16 years, Seniors: 16 years and over (no maximum)

Is Calisthenics expensive?

No, not at Acacia Calisthenics Club! We are a non-for-profit organisation and aim to keep our fees as low as possible to make it affordable for everyone. You can view our current fee schedule here and unlike other clubs we have no huge costume fees as we reinvent and reuse our costumes from year to year to keep costs to an absolute minimum.

Is Calisthenics just for girls?

No, whilst Calisthenics is predominately a female sport we are pleased to accept boys into our club. So whether you are boy or a girl you are welcome to come and try your first two lessons free at Acacia Calithenics Club.

Is there lots of sewing involved?

No, tell mum (or dad) not to worry! At Acacia Calisthenics Club we reuse and reinvent costumes from previous performances each team usually only has one new costume per year so sewing is kept to a minimum. And if you cannot sew or have trouble with sequins don’t worry there is always the option to pay another mum a small fee to help you out.

What will my child learn at Calisthenics?

Calisthenics is a combination of dance, gymnastics, singing, apparatus manipulation and ballet and involves teams of student learning routines choreographed to music. These routines are performed on stage at club concerts and state and national competitions. Participating in Calisthenics builds strength, skill, flexibility, grace, coordination, teamwork and friendship.


Where does the name Acacia come from?

The name Acacia is used as a representation of where our club is based. Rather than simply using a location like Calisthenics Adelaide Hills or Clubs name represents the greater Adelaide Hills as it named after the Acacia Wattle flower found throughout the region.

What are your club colours and why?

Our club colours are associated with our name. Originally Acacia Calisthenics Club wore green and gold, both colours taken from the Acacia blooms found throughout the Adelaide Hills. As trend changed however, we found it necessary to update our colours to something a more appealing. Considering the need to keep the relationship with our name, the obvious choice was to replace our green with pink, the colour of the Acacia Leprosa ‘Scarlet Blaze’ flower. Black was also added with the introduction of the balancing silhouette in out logo.

How can I join Acacia Calisthenics Club?

Joining our club is easy! Remember, you get 2 free lesson so why not come and try? Just complete a registration form and phone Jenny 0438 042 071 to book a session time. If you are new to Calisthenics we recommended that you start at the beginning of the. We do accept new students at any time through the year, however students that begin late in the year will only be able to participate in that year’s competitions at their coaches discretion.

Do you accept new coaches?

Yes! We are always happy to accept coaching applications from both Level 1 and trainee Level 1 calisthenics coaches and we encourage our Junior and Inter students to take active roles as demonstrators at our club. If you are a Trainee Level 1 coach Acacia will offer you reimbursement for CASA coaching course costs associated with attaining your level 1 coaching status, our only requirement is that you continue to coach at our club exclusively after you level 1 is attained for a period of not less than 2 years. All associated costs will be reimbursed at the completion of that two year period or can be deducted from your fees in your third year at our club.


What day and time is training?

Training days and times varies depending on what section and team you are in. Our current class times can be found on our Classes page.

Do I have to attend every lesson?

We understand that sometimes you may need to miss a lesson to illness or other family commitment, however regular attendance at lessons is essential due to the nature of the sport. Teamwork, uniformity and precision can only be attained if attendance levels are high. All students are required to be punctual to classes, arriving 15 minutes prior to commencement of lesson. If you need to miss practice for any reason please inform your coach prior to that lesson.

Do I have to attend extra practices?

All teams (except Tiny-tots) are required to attend additional training for competition rehearsals if scheduled by your coach. Dates and times of additional training will be advised as required.

Do I train if it is too hot?

If on the day of your lesson the forecast temperature is 36° or above at Mount Barker, South Australia training will be cancelled, however this lesson will be made up at a later date.

Can mum or dad watch my lessons?

Parents are only welcome to watch their child’s free ‘come and try’ lessons. If your child chooses to continue on with Calisthenics please understand that you will not be permitted to stay during classes unless permitted by your child’s coach.

What do I wear to class?

Students at Acacia Calisthenics club are permitted to wear the following items to class…

The following items can be purchased at Kmart, Target, and Big W etc.:

  • Black leotard – sleeveless Black

Black-Leotard-2  Black-LeotardBlack-Leotard-3

Example of leotard style – images courtesy of Energetiks

  • Dance shorts (optional)
  • Black footless legging (optional)
  • Black wrap top/ tight long sleeve top for cooler weather (optional)

The following items are available for purchase through the Club

  • Club polo shirt (pink and black with club logo)
  • Club Jacket (pink and black with club logo)

The following item should NOT be worn in class:

  • Shoes socks of any kind (calisthenics is performed in bare feet)
  • Jewellery (for safety reasons)

Hair must be in a neat, high bun.

What do I bring to class?

Students at Acacia Calisthenics Club need to bring the following items to class:

Clubs (except tinies and tiny-tots)

  • Rods (except tiny-tots)
  • Aesthetic Skirt (tiny-tots)
  • Drink bottle (water only please)

NO cordial or other sweet drinks are to be bought into the studio.

Competitions & Demonstrations

Do I have to attend Calisthenics competitions and/or demonstrations?

Yes, it is all part of the fun! Tiny-tots perform in the Calisthenics Association of South Australia (CASA) demonstrations held in July/August each year all other teams compete in the CASA Competitions in May (excluding Tinies) and the CASA State Championships in August/September (excluding Tiny-Tots).

Do I have to attend the competition rehearsal at Royalty Theatre?

Yes, competition rehearsal at Royalty theatre is compulsory for ALL teams. Teams will be advised of rehearsal time approximately 2 week prior. You may have one or two rehearsals , depending on your coach.

What do I wear for May Demonstrations?

You need to wear a:

  • a Club Jacket and/or Polo Shirt
  • a black leotard which can be purchased from Energetiks, Kmart, Target, Big W etc

Black-Leotard-3Black-Leotard Black-Leotard-2

Example of leotard style – images courtesy of Energetiks

Do I have to do hair and makeup for my child?

No, absolutely not! Parents are not required to do your child’s hair or make-up for competitions. Your child’s coach will do all of this for you!

Will I have to spray tan my child?

Acacia requires all girls accepted into Team 1 in their Section (excluding Tinies and Tiny-tots) to have a spry tan prior to August competitions. It is encouraged for other teams but not essential. Exceptions will be made for students with allergies and an alternative will be sought.

What time do I need to arrive at the theatre for my CASA performance?

All students need to arrive two hours before their performance. You need to meet your coach at the front of the theatre where she will take you to the dressing room to prepare for you performance.

Can mum or dad come into the dressing room with me?

No, due to privacy laws no parents are permitted in the dressing rooms. You child will be cared for by their coach and returned to you after their presentations.


Am I expected to participate in fundraising?

Whilst not compulsory, we appreciate you help as all funds raised help to alleviate expenses that parents would otherwise have to bear. Acacia generally has two Club Fundraisers each year but if you have any other ideas you are encourage to contact Renee Mayo through our Facebook Page or Website Contact Page.

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