So, did you watch the Today Tonight Calisthenics Segment last night? What are your thoughts?

On the back a pretty woeful segment about Calisthenics last night, we stumbled across an extremely well written blog about our sport, in response to Today Tonight Calisthenics Segment.  Today Tonight, not only painted Marden Calisthenics College in some what of a bad light, they also managed to create an article that would most likely not encourage parents to introduce their children to our wonderful sport. Hayley Simmons, has perfectly describe the benefits of participating in calisthenics and her love for the sport shines through.  Well done Hayley, we love your work!

From Hayley’s blog…

“Calisthenics has always brought about a bemused look on the face of the person to whom you are talking when you proudly say, “I do calisthenics!”

“What’s that? Is that the baton-twirling one where you wear make-up painted on?” Um, sort of. Let me explain:

Calisthenics is kind of like the weird cousin of dance. That cousin who dresses a bit strangely but is really cool once you get to know them – and discover you have way more in common with than you realised. (Except for counting in 8s. They will always go up to 16 and you’ll just need to accept your differences on that front).

It is a multi-discipline dance sport. In the one sport you get to do precision marching, gymnastic-based movements, brain-bending apparatus, ballet, jazz, singing and musical theatre. All. In. The. One. Class.

It is one of the best sports for developing both musicality and fundamental movement skills at the same time. Calisthenics girls are often good at a range of sports as they have great temporal and spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination and a desire for perfection. They pick up new things very quickly as both sides of the brain are well-developed at working in concert with one another. (Think patting your head and rubbing your tummy x 10 to the power of 20 and you’re close).

It is the most cost-effective form of dance because you get to do it all in one class, rather than attending separate ballet, jazz, acro and voice classes across the week.

Calisthenics has always suffered a poor reputation in the dance world, but as an exercise scientist and soon to be school dance teacher, I highly recommend it for the life skills, leadership, confidence and competitive edge it gives participants.

Once, I took 8 years away from the sport, as I had become disillusioned with it after attending contemporary and jazz classes as a teen and realising I couldn’t express and move through the upper body ‘because of calisthenics’. I went on to utilise this as a strength, representing Australia in team sports aerobics. Both experiemces gave me perspective…”

To read the full article please visit Hayley’s blog post.

Image courtesy of Steph Devlin Photography.

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