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What is Cheerleading?

All Star Cheerleading

All Star Cheerleading is what most people recognize as “Bring it On /ESPN cheerleading”.  It is a fast paced, dynamic sport that encompasses stunt, tumbling, tosses and dance & requires dedication and a strong work ethic from the male and female athletes that participate. It is as physically demanding as any other mainstream sport and is one of the fastest growing team based athletic sports in the USA.

All Star Cheerleading combines elements of gymnastic tumbling, dance, acrobatics and traditional cheerleading skills such as jumps and arm motions. Teams consist of up to 12 athletes performing exciting, professionally choreographed 2½ minute routines set to music.

Dance Pom Cheerleading

Dance pom is combination of fast-paced dance with the addition of pom-poms and tumbling. A routine will incorporate a specific dance style (i.e. hip-hop, jazz or lyrical), technical work (leaps, turns, kicks, splits, jumps) and, depending on the routine, pompom and/or cheers. Pom Dance teams are popular in performance dance, especially at sporting events, most commonly performing during the pre-game and halftime periods (and, in a number of cases, on the sidelines) of football and basketball games.

Cheer Routines

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